Consulting Services

Experienced Consulting to Enhance Your Programs and Outcomes

For more than 19 years, Advanced Care Wellness (ACW) has designed successful wellness programs in the industries of oil, Ag, healthcare, law enforcement and at the city, county and federal levels.

To put our experience to work for your organization, we offer consulting services to help your company create a culture change and produce engaging, meaningful wellness programs that get results.

Even if you have an existing program, ACW can supplement efforts and increase engagement and results.

Advanced Care Wellness can help with industry specific best practices, vendor assessment, community networking/partnerships, reporting, measuring, and more, regardless of company size or budget.


Population Health Management

ACW also provides population health management for providers, medical groups and health plans. Our services can capture reimbursement, improve patient quality of care and increase measure scores.

We have extensive experience in the areas of:


Health Risk Assessment (HRA)





Health Coaching

Flu Vaccinations

Safety Trainings

Lunch and Learns

Onsite Fitness Classes


Wellness Challenges (both on-site and on-line)

Health Fairs

Disease Management Programs


In addition, we can offer:

  • Program evaluation, goals, workforce health risks, incentive design, and overall business strategy for effectiveness.
  • Assess population health risk data and analyze medical and pharmacy claims to identify areas and assign targeted interventions for maximum impact.
  • Design a customized worksite wellness solution, aligned with the ground-breaking 2013 Rand study of the 5 best-practices.
  • Create a long-term and sustainable plan that fits with company goals, budgets and key measures.
  • Assist your HR and admin team with marketing, outreach and engagement.

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