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Solutions for Health Plans

Advanced Care Wellness (ACW) offers comprehensive wellness programs that integrate with and support your plan members to improve population health, manage risk and reduce costs. In addition, our programs can be customized and branded to reflect your plan, further adding additional value to your services and extending your plan’s wellness strategy.

Finally, using our comprehensive and mobile services, we can assist with care management by covering gaps in care to improve HEDIS/Star and other performance measures.

Key Benefits of Partnering with Advanced Care Wellness:

Single Provider for All Services – We provide a complete continuum of care with seamless integration. No need to juggle multiple vendors. From flu shots, MediCare specific programs and biometric health screenings to reporting, health risk assessments and disease management programs, we do it all with seamless integration under one roof.

Gaps in Care Closure and Improved Quality Measures – Our mobile testing and reporting systems can move quickly work with identified patients and populations in need of critical testing. A1c’s, microalbumin, lipids, bone density and more can be performed efficiently and accurately in any setting to improve compliance, patient satisfaction and quality measures.

On-site, In-Home and Online – We offer a blend of on-site services with results on the spot as well as online delivery for member convenience and maximum engagement. Our Health2Home program provides testing and reporting services for homebound patients and those in SNF facilities. Scheduling, testing and billing are all handled seamlessly.

Complete Program Management Solution – We assign an account manager and take labor intensive tasks off your plate and handle them. We offer marketing templates, emails, call center and a comprehensive online scheduling system that can be branded with your plan details. Put our experience to work to increase engagement and impact.

Compliance and Confidentiality – ACW has the existing infrastructure in place that meets or exceeds standards for secure data transmission, claims processing, HIPAA compliance and more. We can also partner with brokers, TPA’s and providers.

Process and Billing – Advanced Care Wellness works with all major health plans and can bill services through claims and defined CPT codes.